Global Marketing Brand.

Marketing Brand

This brand focused its creative energy and a significant marketing and PR budget on an annual global campaign based around a key festival.  Our task was to glean insights on a year-by-year basis to help refine and improve performance and ROI.  Over a period of four years, many of our recommendations influenced planning and spend for the following season.

Integrated activities included live events, press tours, Facebook campaigns, seasonal product lines and competitions.  We were asked to evaluate the impact of all these activities on social media engagement, website traffic and media to piece together a jigsaw of results which would demonstrate overall campaign effectiveness.  This entailed liaising with several digital, marketing and PR agencies globally, validating and incorporating their data into our analysis, as well as gathering our own data. We reported our findings to a commercial and marketing / PR team of around thirty people, who valued the objective overview of a complex and high-value initiative.

Influencing Planning and Evaluation of Major Campaigns
Global Marketing Brand