Turbulence ahead.

How online media coverage is shaping consumer perceptions of the airline industry as the COVID-19 crisis develops.

turbulence ahead

Fasten your seat belts for a communication challenge.

The global Coronavirus crisis has impacted severely on consumer experience of airlines. How people judge the airlines’ behaviour during this time will inevitably shape future decisions about brand choice. Understanding evolving consumer perceptions is as important as financial security, if airlines are to retain the loyalty and trust of customers, suppliers and staff through the difficult weeks and months ahead.

With the UK confined indoors, online media coverage will be the determining factor in the reputation of individual airlines. The themes and issues covered in online publications are shaping perceptions on a day-byday basis as the state of emergency unfolds.

Tribe’s industry sector analysis gives airlines weekly updates on what consumers are taking out of online media coverage. It also shows how they are reacting to what they read about airlines in online news.

Invaluable for informing data-driven corporate communications and consumer PR as airlines battle to stay viable, these reports will help CEO’s, CFOs, CMOs and PR teams determine the scale and focus of the communications task ahead. The smartest brands in the world know that proactive communication through a crisis is essential to long-term brand health. However, smart communication depends on smart data.

This report provides a selection of the data that is available for all airlines and airports worldwide. Bespoke analysis and insight is also available. Please call us to discuss how our team can help you understand:

  • The opinions and behaviour of your most important asset – your customers – in a time of crisis

  • The powerful role played by online media in making or breaking reputation.

  • How you are currently positioned in the minds of consumers compared to competitors.

  • What you might do to emerge from the COVID-19 crisis in a better position to ramp up marketing and retain customers.

Key topics in media coverage about British Airways and coronavirus: 1 Feb to 17 Mar, 2020.

turbulance report