Providing weekly customer insights during a pandemic.

Providing weekly customer insights during a pandemic

An international retailer instinctively knew that its customers had issues with service levels during the COVID pandemic but wanted to understand more about the underlying problems causing dissatisfaction – and importantly, how they could address them. 

Tribe analysed thousands of reviews from Trustpilot and Google Reviews, identifying the issues experienced by customers on a weekly basis. This revealed granular detail about problems with product quality due to supply chain pressure, as well as problems with online ordering and home deliveries. 

In this case, the reviews data was combined with text analysis of the comments left on all major social media platforms. Tribe was also able to directly compare the retailer’s performance with that of its five main competitors. As a consequence of the senior management board having immediate and reliable intelligence about what customers were annoyed about, we were able to make and implement recommendations about prioritisation of issues and identify areas where improvements could be made quickly with proactive communications activity and crisis management support.