Toolstation Media Analysis.


As an essential retailer supplying tools and building materials to the trade, Toolstation was granted license to remain open to customers throughout the COVID pandemic – a decision that attracted public praise and criticism in equal measure. Like everyone, the starting point was one of confusion and uncertainty about the prospects and implications of remaining open, the public health and supply chain issues and understandably, the reputational and commercial impact any decisions would have on the brand.

Tribe supported Toolstation throughout this most challenging period with crisis communications, customer messaging and press office activity – all reliably informed by our use of Qualimetrics™ to conduct social listening and data analysis on a daily basis and across numerous platforms including Twitter and TrustPilot. Our real-time reporting over several months on the public and media comments and reactions to not only Toolstation’s continuing operations, but also those of their key competitors and others in the sector as comparisons, proved highly valuable to the board and senior management teams as they formulated their strategic response to the ever-changing situation.

Toolstation Reports